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Rozee Academy teaches people with high great communication the skills they need to launch a career as a Virtual Assistant. Thanks to our industry-informed curriculum and intense career preparation, Rozee students graduate ready to help your company reach your highest-impact goals.

Rozee grads are hired by the some of the best companies in the US and UK

Why Rozee?

Diverse talent across the world

Our unique ISA-based model makes Rozee a powerful pipeline for underrepresented groups to enter the market. Our student body reflects the cultural, racial, geographical, and gender diversity of the workforce.

Curriculum designed by hiring managers

Rozee’s curriculum is designed with input from real hiring managers and is updated in real-time so our graduates are always on the cutting edge of technology and ready to make impactful contributions to their organizations.

Hands-on mastery based experience

Each of our 700+ students graduates with the best lead-gen and sales experience and is required to demonstrate mastery of the course material and book real-world sales meetings before they are recommended to our hiring partners.

“The big difference between Rozee and normal VAs is that Rozee affords their students more opportunity to learn hands-on and in teams and intentionally diversifies their experience.

Paul Chatterton, Director of Marketing at Divvy

Over 140 companies have hired Rozee grads!

Get access to a pipeline of diverse talent, in addition to white glove placement services to seamlessly fill skills gaps on your team.


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With a new class of appointment setter VAs graduating every month, Rozee has an ongoing pipeline of candidates ready to join your team. Save time and money by letting our team source candidates for you, and hire our graduates with the lowest placement fees. Click on the button below to book a call and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

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