VA Training Academy

The online training academy that invests in

Train remotely to become a virtual assistant and pay no tuition until you’re hired.

We give people the tools they need to rewrite their futures

Remote learning done

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Get real work experience

Master the technical skills employers need most by completing our comprehensive training and completing real-life work experience with a team of other students.

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Join our rapidly growing network

Get mentored by experts and build lifelong connections and friendships who can introduce you to new opportunities and offer support.

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No tuition until you're hired

You’ll only pay tuition after you start making an annual income of Rs40,000 or more. Monthly payments are based on what you earn.

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We help you find a job

We will approach employers for you, explain the benefits of hiring you and go as far as onboarding you with them (you just have to go and do the work).

Rozee grads are hired by the some of the best companies in the US and UK

Our ISA is an ‍

Most schools make money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. Rozee Academy takes a different approach. We'll cover the cost of your upfront tuition and you'll pay us back one month’s salary spread over your first 3 months of employment.

The Rozee Academy Income Share Agreement at a glance:

Rozee Academy covers your tuition until you're making at least Rs45,000 a month. There's no down payment.

Once you’re hired, you’ll start making monthly payments based on your income. You will pay us Rs15000 per month for the first 3 months.

Payments end once you’ve reached the Rs45000 mark. After 3 months, you will keep all of your Rs45,000 salary (minimum).

‍More opportunities than a degree, the practicality of a bootcamp

We asked hundreds of top tech companies what skills they look for in candidates and then designed our live, remote programs to include learning activities that help you master each key skill. Rozee Academy covers not only the fundamentals of being a Virtual Assistant, but also gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge. Learn by building real relationships and graduate with a framework to get work on demand.

Explore our hands-on curriculum

Though you may be learning remotely, you won't be working alone. Our collaborative coursework simulates the type of environment you'll work in as a Virtual Assistant. Attend daily stand-ups with your cohort, complete group projects with a team of students, book real meetings. Plus, get one-on-one help from instructors and mentors whenever you need it, and when you're ready to begin the job hunt, your Career Coaches are just a Slack message away.

“I realized the simple reason Rozee Academy prepares students so well. It's so intense! They know exactly what works when it comes to appointment setting and that’s all they do!”

Jason Walton - Noob Marketing